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    Variation Épicènes

    Variation Épicènes

    16 rue Charles VII 94130 Nogent-sur-Marne
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    Schedule «Variation Épicènes»

    Tuesday Tu-12:00am
    Nov, 2020
    Nov 10 Tu-12:00am
    12:00 AM
    16 rue Charles VII 94130 Nogent-sur-Marne  ?
    Villa de Beauté, 1, 94130, Nogent-sur-Marne, Île-de-France, France


    Curator: Vanina Pinter Graphics Season Artists: Margaret Gray, Catherine Guiral, Anette Lenz, Fanette Mellier, Marie Proyart, Susanna Shannon and Sylvia Tournerie Activating contemporary creation in an original set design by Kevin Cadinot and through graphic proposals by Audrey Templier and Julie Rousset, the exhibition's journey interweaves three approaches - project laboratory, documentation firm, constellation of references - to propose an open and non-authoritarian response to a think about a group exhibition of female graphic designers. Epicene Variations is not a panorama, but rather an opening on an inexhaustible supply of works that will have to be more documented and archived in the future. The exhibition is built around an interweaving of three continuous paths, three frames of reflections to favor possible variations. This work process, rarely stabilized, gives way to off-field, to imbalance, so as not to conform to a single "vision grid". Different ways, then, to reveal voices in action. The first frame focuses on (almost) seven projects by seven autrice graphic designers. Each of these projects deployed on the ground floor of the exhibition space allows us to go behind the scenes of an intellectual, poetic, formal laboratory; understand the hours of research upstream. How did a graphic designer compose, tweak, dare? How did graphic designers create a cultural act? Each project deploys issues, technical skills, a working methodology in a context and a specific attention to the public. Each testifies to a vision of design. Visitors will be asked to adapt to an elasticity of understanding with each project change. Each, each will experience the multiplicity of graphic design, its heterogeneity as well as its multiple fields of application. It is thus a question of immersing yourself in the intensity of the work of Sylvia Tournerie for Arte, Anette Lenz for the Le Havre Choreographic Centre, Marie Proyart with and for Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Susanna Shannon for the Fronts de Libération, Margaret Gray for the Lower Rhine Departmental Archives, Catherine Guiral for Theory and Fanette Mellier for her little book Matriochka. All develop independent and critical cultural productions. The upstairs room presents itself as an antechamber at the exhibition factory or at the factory of history. It was thought halfway between the documentation cabinet and the tipping room. It consolidates knowledge and adds other points of view. It aims to be a piece of preparation in constant food where other graphic designers affirm their know-how and contribution (Atelier 25- Capucine Merkenbrack and Chloé Tercé, Aurore Chassé, Agnès Dahan, Claire Huss, Maroussia Jannelle, Clémence Michon, Lisa Sturacci). The third path connects the whole. It owes its construction to "pebbles" accumulated over the years, to Virginia Woolf, Françoise Collin, Monique Wittig, Christa Wolf, Joyce Carol Oates, Carla Lonzi... as well as exchanges with graphic designers since 2001. This third painting is akin to a whispering constellation. This symbolic path of ladies contributes, between imperceptible landmarks and fundamental pillars, to support a history of plural graphic design. Graphic designer is an epicene word. Epicene: adj. whose shape does not vary by gender. Epicene Variations focuses on the processes of project emergence, on the practice of autrice graphic designers, at work. Saturday, September 12, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.: Opening