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    Thursday Th-8:00pm
    Nov, 2020
    Nov 12 Th-8:00pm
    8:00 PM
    Cathedrale  ?
    Lieu-dit Largner, 26150, Die, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France


    Look our Nature in the face. Go beyond the prism of human perception. Remind our souls of the sacred foundation of what unites Man and the divine. To feed again on the sacred Covenant that makes us live in accordance with our inner faith, in listening and respecting a world where strength and Love are the watchwords. Words whispered today, but which once sounded like eternal and powerful hymns. Hope has never ceased to beat in us, even if few today still know how to hear it. Luc Arbogast returns with this tour with his ancestral loves, going to tap into the heart of the ages the singing of a changing world. From life experience in the work of knowledge, and hungry to remind the modern world of the primary source of his inspiration, the singer, deeply concerned with the place of man in his environment and his spiritual life, offers us this tour, firmly rooted in the foundations of our civilization. The poet engages where the dreams of some have run out of steam, and brings back in his sacred chest the evidence of a connection to the sacred. A bond that has only one desire. The one to be reborn in us. After, ODYSSEANIMA, OREFLAM TOUR, METAMORPHOSIS, ULTREIA TOUR, AB ORIGINE FIDELIS..., Luc Arbogast returns to the limelight with VOX MUNDI TOUR Alone, in osmosis with the public, at the controls of his machines, bouzouki slung over his shoulder, and playing with virtuosity of percussion, flutes and other instruments , in order to deliver you HIS vision of the Faith.