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Home / Events / Concert Commémoratif des Funérailles de Chopin à la Madeleine
Concert Commémoratif des Funérailles de Chopin à la Madeleine

Concert tickets Concert Commémoratif des Funérailles de Chopin à la Madeleine

Eglise de la Madeleine
42.50 - 58.00
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Date and time

«Concert Commémoratif des Funérailles de Chopin à la Madeleine»

Friday Fr - 08:30pm
October, 2020
Oct 30 Fr - 08:30pm
08:30 PM
Place de la Madeleine, 75008, Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Tickets from €42.5


Program: Preludes in E and B minor , Chopin Funeral March / Requiem of Mozart Orchestra Hélios Conductor Jean-Charles Dunand Chur Tempestuoso Relive the concert in homage to Chopin's funeral at the Church of the Madeleine dated October 30, 1849. It is not known who decided to perform Mozart's Requiem at Chopin's funeral at the Madeleine Church. At eleven o'clock in the morning, on October 30, 1849, three thousand people filled the church, all draped in black. During the rise of the crypt's coffin, an orchestra played Chopin's Funeral March in an arrangement by Napoleon Reber. Then the organist Louis Lefébure-Wély performed the Preludes in E minor and In Minor. At the end of the ceremony, Mozart's Requiem, performed by the orchestra and choirs of the Conservatory Concert Society, under the direction of Narcissus Girard, was conducted by Narcissus Girard, with soloists Pauline Viardot and Luigi Lablache. Dynamic and eclectic, the Hélios orchestra has established itself since its creation in 2014. Its artistic director, Paul Savalle, promotes the professional integration of young musicians through orchestral practice. Thus, young graduates mingle with orchestral musicians, conductors and experienced soloists, in optimal working conditions. From baroque to contemporary music, the programs are varied, the repertoire is both symphonic and choral, the orchestra associating with the departmental and regional churs. Through collaboration with different conductors, the musicians approach a very rich repertoire by broadening their range of interpretations. They all come from the great French conservatories, some belonging to a national orchestra. From the string quartet to the symphony orchestra to the brass ensemble, the orchestra always broadens its audience by modulating its composition. The string formation performs in the most prestigious churches in Paris, allowing the public to discover a very rich architectural heritage. Its variable geometry training allows the Hélios orchestra to approach a very wide repertoire with a passionate curiosity.