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    BRONX -   avec Francis HUSTER

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    Schedule «BRONX - avec Francis HUSTER»

    Saturday Saturday-8:00pm
    Nov, 2020
    8:00 PM
    3 Rue Victor Poirel


    BRONX with Francis HUSTER THE CHAZZ PALMINTERI ADAPTATION, ALEXIA PERIMONY IN SCENE, STEVE SUISSA The Bronx in the 1960s. An Italian neighbourhood in full swing where the mafia reigns undivided, and racism persists... The little Cologio observes the world of the "freed" from his nine years. He is particularly fascinated by their leader, Sunny. His father Lorenzo, does not accept his son's interest in the thugs: bus driver, he has always refused to compromise. One evening, Cologio witnesses a murder perpetrated by Sunny but says nothing to the police. The gangster is grateful to him and takes him under his wing. Growing up, Cologio hesitates between the way of life offered to him by the gangster community and that of his real family, between crime and righteousness. "A humanity that the comedian captures with talent." PARISCOPE - "A poignant story that has the flavor of the old classics of American cinema." CNEWS - "A beautiful story. A great interpreter." FIGARO - "Francis Huster excels." EXPRESS - "Francis Huster at the top of his game." FIGARO MAGAZINE Reservations for people with reduced mobility: 03 83 32 31 25 - Poirel Room