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musicals / theater
Centre Culturel Les Angenoises
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Friday Fr - 08:00pm
April, 2021
Apr 2 Fr - 08:00pm
08:00 PM
Rue du Maine, 55F, 53960, Bonchamp-lès-Laval, Pays de la Loire, France


BEN - SCREAM THE PARODY! Based on the work of Lewis Wallace A show written by Hugues Duquesne and Olivier Mag Directed by Luc Sonzogni With alternating: Hugues Duquesne, Olivier Mag, Jo Brami, Sébastien Chartier, Cyril Ledoublee, Mohamed Ouachem, Florian Maubert, Olivier Bénard SYNOPSIS: The famous 4-hour peplum is summed up here in 2 hours of laughter. And it's all there! From the famous chariot race to period costumes: gowns, tunics, swords and sandals... A more than successful parody, conducted drumbeats by four talented comedians, full of energy. The worlds of Mel Brooks, the Monthy-Pythons and Alain Chabat can be found in Cleopatra. This hilarious show will take you to the heart of the Roman Empire and make you chant with a thumbs up: "I Like!" The staging of Luc Sonzogni is excellent, many finds, references and innovations, it does not stop a second. A great sound, light and video show that takes a family audience into an extraordinary historical fresco. DID YOU KNOW THAT? Olivier Mag plays the role of Jean-Pierre in "IN FAMILY" on M6. Hugues Duquesne, a member of the duo "LASCARS GAYS", has written and recorded more than 100 skits for Laurent Ruquier's "ON N'DEMANDE QU'A RIRE" on France 2. Sébastien Chartier made happenings in Olivier Minne's "JOKER" on France 2, he was also the "vigil" in the show "WELCOME CHEZ CAUET". Jo Brami was a recurring comedian on Comedy in the "GROSSE EMISSION" and recently starred in Nawell Madani's film "That's It's All for Me". PRESSE: THE PROVENCE A show of great quality TELERAMA We get carried away in this delirium ... Or the performers have as much fun as the public TF1 A wild laugh the DAUPHINE A show that sticks to the news with high-quality comedians FRANCE BLEU A family audience bent with laughter for an hour everyone finds its account BEUR FM Show that does good seven to 77 years PmR Reservations