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    Thursday Th-12:00am
    Nov, 2020
    Nov 12 Th-12:00am
    12:00 AM
    FRI-SON  ?
    Route de Languimberg, 57810, Fribourg, Grand Est, France


    FRThe songs of wandering. In the 12th century, lines of light zebraized the heart of darkness. Laser soldiers? No, it's ready. In the forest of Europe, straddled the wandering knights. Day and night in the woods they went from castles to clearings, looking for adventure and love. They endured storms, crushed monsters for the heart of a lady at the top of a tower. They were mocked. They embodied the ridiculousness of naïve souls. Cervantes invented Don Quixote, their caricature. Then they were forgotten. Today they are regarded with a snarky indulgence. I think of these runners of the woods, enamored of prowess, burning with desire. They missed the music. Were they singing on the way? What did they say in the night? Is it for them that AaRON composed these pieces? Why, listening to "Keep Walking Love" or "Fastlane" do I have the old impression of hearing the hymns of wandering? They seem old and very eternal like all the songs of the first time. The rhythms are spellbinding: not the horse crossing the "great damage of the night". Music crawls on paths that lead nowhere. The music overlaps like a prince of the Aulnes, without rest or respite, slowly, powerfully, because the goal is immense. And the voice from the depths of herself comes out of the black forest and casts her question in unanswered winds: Who are you, who are me? I suspect Buret and Coursier wrote their album on the back of a courier crossing wide strides to escape the ghosts of oneself. We listen and we're the ones who ride the album. Perhaps this is called the slinging rhythm. I prefer to invent: the rhythm-horse. If this song fell from the trees, we would never stop crossing the forests.How do we manage to zebra with light lessons of darkness? How? By pursuing love! As Yvain the Knight to the Lion and Lancelot the Knight in their time did at the Charrette.Si Arthur's companions in the surreal forests had received the voice of AaRON to get them out of business, they would have found the Grail without suffering so much. Imagine the knights, riding so late through the night and the wind. A voice guides them, giving the answer: "Let them speak/walk in front/seek beauty頻. Sht knight! AarRON has awakened the mystery.